Our story

How it all begun…
A friend of mine František has a factory for titanium coating. While drinking a cocktail it came to our mind – what about making barware in titanium? It would be indestructible and beautiful for lifetime (common stainless steel surface and others are not).
One day I stopped by a friend Jirka in Tretter´s bar and offered him one shaker to test. He was impressed by it so much that we rushed to buy more barware right the following day. František was so amused that he didn´t hesitate to make the titanium coating for free. I gave it to Jirka providing that the barware would be given from a bartender to bartender.
The crucial moment was when my wife said – how about founding a company that would deal with the production and barware titanium surface treatment? You are experienced with manufacturing the barista stuff in Heavy Tamper and you are sitting in bars all the time… :-) So we founded the company and online store and started the small scale production. We added new design strainers, modern muddlers and ice picks and spoons with new decorations. Currently we are finishing the design of new jiggers, testing new colors of titanium coating and wish to start our own line of shakers. We hope for the support from bartenders in order to provide production of more modern bar tools that never corrode and stay lifetime high-quality.